Train and Track Your Dog Using a GPS and E-Collar

When Dawson heads for marshes to pick up the duck or runs through the forests following the bunny, you eliminate an eye on your creature. Well, no more! Using a dog monitoring system, you are able to follow precisely where Dawson has gone and you’ll also have the ability to tell whether the dog is moving or stopped.

There are now excellent lightweight tracking systems which keep you conscious of the precise place of your hunter dog. Sports Dog TEK Series is just one of these trackers that keep tabs on your pets up to 7 kilometers with a 75 kilometers diameter display. The system comprises a hand held device that comprises a Global Positioning System antenna which finds you and the other built in antenna onto the puppy’s collar which upgrades the puppy’s place and sends the message to a display locater.
These trackers reveal where you are and where every dog is compared to you and also the beginning point. With this system the GPS receiver doesn’t supply a trail of their critters past places. Quickly, however, you can monitor your hunting dogs readily and discover out how far off every dog is out of your place and in what way the dog is moving.
The hand held unit is watertight to a depth of 5 ft; the collar worn by the dog is submersible to a depth of 25 feet so that you won’t need to be concerned about your pet’s scampering in and out of the water whilst searching. The battery life lasts roughly 20 hours based on the frequency of usage and recharges to a 120/240 volt AC wall socket in about two hours. The charging port is protected by a rubber cap.
Even better is how the machine involves an e-collar. Not only are you able to watch the puppies on screen, but you can fix them too on the identical handheld device. It unites two methods into one which you are able to track up to 12 puppies at the same time and utilize a fast, well-thought-out e-collar which operates for a big choice of dogs. The e-collar is another collar that fits to the GPS collar therefore that the correction apparatus can be purchased at a subsequent moment.