Top rule to follow before engaging in sexual acts with escorts

If you are traveling to London for business or pleasure, hiring an elite escort will give you the best experience throughout the period of your stay. But in order to have pleasurable moments with an escort, the most important thing you should do is to respect the escort. The fact that elite english escorts provide their clients with sex for money and companionship does not mean that they are cheap and should therefore be disrespected. Some escorts are smart and sophisticated. All escorts actually know what a client is like, and they will always identify a client who has never worked or hired escorts before.
When working with an escort, there is one simple rule you must follow if you want everything to go smoothly. First time clients always want to be intimate with natural escorts . If you are planning to have sex with an escort, it is bad manners to jump into the act immediately. Escorts usually interpret this as rude on the part of the client. This is also unprofessional display and the escort might not like it. Although the escort will not cancel the appointment due to such as act, but do not expect the escort to give you any pleasure.
It is a good idea to have a conversation with the escort. Let the escort understand what you need because she is there to provide a service. One trick most people do not know is that london escorts always want to have a good time first before engaging in other acts. This makes them comfortable and this is also the time when they are ready for any sexual act. Your main job as a client is to be gentle with the escort before engaging in any sexual encounter, as this will make her enjoy you. At the end of the day, do not forget to tip her for the services provided.