What’s NEO

Neo, formerly called Antshares before a re-branding at June 2017 is the first open source people blockchain developed in China. They had the initial phase of the ICO back in 2015 and the next stage in late 2016, at complete raising over 8000 Bitcoin and procuring a partnership with Microsoft. Dr Hongfei, the founder of neo wallet antshares , currently NEO, is also the CEO if Onchain; that will be an open source global blockchain which effectively enables different blockchains’ to socialize with each other if they’re private or consortium.

NEO functions as a smart strength platform, which can be described as a combination of smart contracts and digital resources, employing the blockchain technologies they digitize a number of real-world resources and allow for peer to peer trading that this eliminates the requirement for a trsuted 3rd party, in addition to making transactions traceable and thoroughly transparent.
The NEO Company is working closely with a lot of different partners whilst planning to become the largest cryptocurrency established in China. They’ve been called ‘the Chinese Ethereum’. NEO has hit a few stumbling blocks along the way. Most notable was at the 3rd quarter or 2017 if the Chinese government banned all of ICO’s as ordering that cryptocurrency trades were to shut.
In the event that you had spent in the original CO ‘Antshares’ you’d have left an important return in the present cost, this is a good instance of if an ICO operates out.

Free Steam Gift Card Giveaways

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How can these programs work?

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