What are the symptoms of polysubstance abuse?

We all know that, taking drugs is very harmful for the body, but in these days so many people take it on the daily bases because they are totally addicted towards drugs. People take more than two drugs together which is extremely harmful for body. So many people think that what is polysubstance abuse? They don’t know the meaning of polysubstance. I will explain you what is the meaning of polysubstance, when people misuse more than one drugs at the same time it is called polysubstance abuse. In this say drugs enhance the effects on the human body, and also give you negative side effects. There are so many drugs are available which people take together. Some of them drugs are listed below

Some combination of polysubstance abuse-
• Marijuana and alcohol
• Cocaine and alcohol
• MDMA and alcohol
• Marijuana and hallucinogens
• Very dangerous (alcohol and benzodiazepines)
• Opioids and methamphetamine
These are some drug combination which clearly harms your body.
When people take these types of drugs together, they do many different-different activities. We can easily observe the symptoms of drug addicts. There are so many symptoms and signs are developed in polysubstance abuse. Some of them signs are listed below you can easily read and learn it.

Some signs and symptoms of polysubstance abuse-
• Anger and irritability
• Mood swings and changes in mood
• Modify in eating habits
• Disinterest in normal activities
• Fatigue and sleepiness
• Altered sleeping patterns
• Depression
• Lack of motivation
• Anxiety or panic
• Weight loss and gain
These are some signs and symptoms of taking polysubstance abuse with the help of these symptoms you can easily notice the person. For more details about drugs and polysubstance, you can easily visit to the online websites. There are so many sites are available on the internet which provides you more information.