What is a Meridian Health Protocol?

What is a meridian health protocol and where does this fit right into my management strategy?
If management wishes to reduce episodes (accidents, diseases, loss generating events, and/or other relevant expenses,) everybody must put as much emphasis on security issues since they put on other core management problems, such as production, sales, and quality management. To be most successful, security has to be balanced together, and integrated into other core business processes.

“Safety First” might seem good, but in fact, security shouldn’t be considered an alternative program. It has to become a simple core value of your business. For instance, you can change “Safety First” into “Safety is a Value”, “Safe production is the sole standard” or some thing of the form of statement to workers. This highlights the concept that it is fine to make as hard and as quickly as you can, so long as it could be carried out safely.
To get a notion of where security can fit in your business, answer the questions below.
O Is security an essential part of your operations
O Is self-evident in most parts of the business
O Are managers and supervisors to the production floor regularly and constantly watch all company safety rules
O Are employees encouraged to identify safety hazards and fix them in their own
O Do workers have complete and open access to all of the gear and equipment they will need to perform their job safely
In case you were able to answer YES to each of these question then you’re in your way to creating a successful security culture. If you would like to do better, you need to focus on enhancing the safety culture in your business.