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Headwear Is a Fashion Trend in Present Generation

Headwear is an accessory which you might have started to use when you entered this world. Your mom covered your head with wool knitted cap to keep you warm and you have seen your childhood friends, such as your dolls wearing a cap sometimes. Hats or caps are headwears that have been in use since very old time. The history provides some clue that one of the earliest known hats was on the head of Otzi, the bronze age man which was observed in the remnant on a mountain between Italy and Australia. But there are some other stories about ancient hat. The Egypt tomb painting also showed a man with conical straw hat on his head and that dates back to 3200 BC. Some evidence shows that hats were usually worn in Egypt in ancient times.

Purposes to wear headwear
Wearing a headgear or headwear has many benefits and are also worn for various purposes. Covering head is an old tradition and customary in many religions and a Custom Headwear is their icon. This type of headwear has a specific pattern framed under religious belief. The custom headgear is not always a hat or cap, but simply a special piece of cloth. There are other Custom Hats which are very specific in design that is associated with their identification as a Beanie, Cricket cap, Baseball cap, and so on. Beanies are most popular for form of headwear everywhere across the globe which are used to cover head to protect it from chill of the severe winter. Beanie is a fashion trend and its wearing, mostly by girls, are usual in young generation as a fashion accessory.
Status of headwear
Headwear has always been a symbol of respect in the society since very old time, but it is more a fashion trend in the contemporary generation. This is one of the reasons that headwear has diversified its profile to match the emerging trends.