Things to consider before purchasing the best framing nailer

We all know that market is currently saturated with the new brands and products claiming to the high performance and quality. It becomes challenging to select the best framing nailer. Everyone gets confused in the market which one is the best. Thus, it is very important to know about the framing nailers before purchasing it.

If you walk to the hardware store without having any information about the framing nailer, then you buy the wrong one. There are some essential things which you have to take care while purchasing the best framing nailers:
Know types of framing nailer:
There are only two types of framing nailers: the stick and coil framing nailer. Both of these different types use a particular magazine for storing the nails and both them have different capacity to store the nails. The coil framing nailers have larger magazine capacity than the stick framing nailers. You can select according to your requirements.
Power source:
Now, you have to select between the two options: pneumatic powered and cordless fuel powered types. Compressed air powers the pneumatic framing nailers, and the cordless best framing nailers are powered by the battery or fuel.

Nail type compatibility:
Some of the framing nails accept only one type of nail. But other best framing nailers are designed in the way, that they accept nails of different sizes and shapes. If you want to make your tool more and more versatile, then you have to buy the one that accepts the various nails.
Air compressor:
When you buy the pneumatic framing nailers, then you have to take care of the air compressor for providing power to it. When you invest in the air compressor, then you have to buy the tank of at least 25-gallon capacity. You should buy the best framing nailers with the protective guard.
If you consider the all above things, then you buy the best framing nailer.