Various procedures to treat dark circles on skin

There are a variety of dark circles under eyes treatments, only a few of the best techniques are listed below.

With the help slices of cucumber:

Slices of cucumber are one of the fastest and modest treatments for dark circles under eyes. They are even at times preferred over the best cream for dark circles under eyes . The procedure is rather too simple. It just requires placing of cucumber slices over the eyelid and one can feel the cooling effect instantly.


This technique has been followed through ages. Sleep relaxes the eyes to help in getting rid of dark circles.

Everyday Diet:

There is a variety of food that helps in improving the health of the skin. Even though this is not a direct factor still maintaining a proper diet can be helpful. Some quick examples are green tea which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; consuming salmon helps in maintaining astaxanthin, Biotin as found in eggs and avocados. Carotenoid makes the skin elasticity last long and several other vitamin content food.

Using concealer:

A concealer can conceal dark circles under the eyes. It can even protect the eyes from sunlight and its damages.

Various masks for eyes:

The masks available in the market require being either heating up or cooling down and applying on the skin to get satisfying results. These masks are affordable for all. Even a quarter of an hour with these masks put on can do wonders for eyes with dark circles.

Nasal Sprays:

Another very important cause of dark circles can be nose block. The veins that drain from eyes to the nose can appear black causing the area below the eyes to appear dark. Nasal sprays are the remedy to this problem.

Hence there are several homemade, naturally present as well as creams available in present times to get rid of dark circles under eyes in no time.