Custom Album Cover Art by

With digital music being on the pinnacle docket, it poses a threat in one of the most amazing art canvasses in the 21st century. An authentic yet appealing cover art is being considered as a rare commodity in the music industry; reason being the music artist is not as good as an expert in Graphic design. An album cover art is equally important to or as the music itself, sometimes used as a space for the artist to express on what is sentimental to them. It symbolises the artist itself in trail of composing and recording the music that entails to their success.

A simple time lapsed video titled Custom Mixtape Cover Design | Jay Crotch was posted by a YouTube channel named Mixtape Monopoly. The channel is rooted from the website called, a professional web site that offer an online custom mixtape cover design. The service is very convenient as there are not many websites doing the same thing for the best lowest price. Their website offers a basic custom mixtape album cover from as low as 100 USD. Besides that, they also sell ready made cover if you are in a rush in getting your music published. The video showcases on how to make an album cover art.
The designerchooses Photoshop CC as his primary software tool in fishnet the artwork. This is because the software is reliable yet portable in size so that is doesn’t rely on heavy computer hardware and processing speed. After getting some raw photos from the internet, the graphics designer crops Jay Critch effortlessly by using a polygonal marquee tool and then he proceeds to make the base canvas of the artwork as a 4×4 blank white image. He then fills the canvas up with extra sceneries and a car to make the artwork more appealing. After some custom typographies, he retouched the image to blend seamless with the whole theme.