Skull Paintball Mask

If you play paintball, you need to protect your face. And by wearing a Skull paintball mask, you are able to do precisely that.

A mask is aimportant protective gear worn when playing paintball. It protects your head from getting struck by a paintball marker that travels around 300 feet per minute. It might cost less than $20 to $100. It might also include accessories such as headbands and visors to protect you in the sun’s warmth.

A paintball mask basically protects your head from paintball markers. Additionally, it prevents paint from getting on your eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Paint at a paintball marker is poisonous and should not be ingested. Additionally, it prevents paintball markers out of hitting any sensitive part of your face such as your nose or your own eyes or some other part which could be bothered by the paint.

A good mask also will help prevent head injuries if you trip or fall throughout the game. A paintball mask should have sufficient padding that suits the head snugly into the mask. The cushioning must shape your head and your head when you wear it but return to its initial shape when you take off it. It must also be securely glues on the plastic of this mask. You ought to be able to tighten or loosen the straps of this mask without extending it too much. Your mouth guard shouldn’t hit your torso when you seem down.

A good Skull paintball mask should also be in possession of a thermal or anti-fog lens. This consists of two lenses with a little air pocket in between which stabilizes the warmth on from the face and beyond this mask, preventing fogging onto the lens. You might also decide to install fans in your mask, although not all of masks readily allow fans to be installed to them. These lovers go together with this lens and also assist moisture out of your face disappear. These lovers are fairly pricey and would need some batteries for it to operate. Additionally, it creates considerable noise and isn’t too durable.