Proof checking can be done by Electrum Wallets

BCD Electrum Wallet are proof checked and that means that these wallets use sophisticated software for verifying proofs for the required correctness. Automated reasoning has gone a step forward with this technology and it is therefore one of the most advanced field in this segment. Proof checking ensures that correct proof submitted by a user is only authorized for entry into a specific wallet. It is also a form of providing the required security that this type of wallet should have. Bitcoin Diamond can stay safe in an Electrum wallet due to this feature. Apart from this, there are a few more features that can be very useful for users which are mentioned below.

• There is complete privacy and freedom – User accounts are never stored on a Bitcoin Diamond Electrum server. This effectively means that a user is not at all tied to a specific server and hence a server need not identify a particular user. The private keys can be easily exported and used on a variety of servers as per a user’s convenience. Privacy can be enhanced in this way and there is ample freedom for a user. This is a feature that has been very encouraging for all Bitcoin Diamond customers and has been very well received.
• There is no script involved anywhere – A user can be sure that a Bitcoin Diamond Electrum wallet will not download any script. There are compromised servers in the virtual space that try to send arbitrary codes for the purpose of stealing Bitcoin Diamonds. Since this wallet does not support any script downloading, a user can trust it for his Bitcoin Diamonds to stay safe and secure.
Adequate safety and security measures are in place for this particular type of wallet due to which it is highly endorsed by people around the world. As the word of Bitcoin Diamond spreads, its usage is set to go higher.