Luxury mega yachts for sale

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The Costa Magna is a type of Motor Yacht build by the Proteksan, in the year 1983. They are refit again in the year 2006. It has a cockpit and a fly bridge. The speed of the cruise is around 12 knots and the maximum speed was up to 14 knots or an approx. of 16 mph. the fuel capacity is 90000L and it can consume up to 300L.
This yacht has a very fair accommodation space like, it has total cabins 5 and total berths 10, 10 people can sleep in there. There are 8 crew cabins and 8 crew sleeps. Thus, there is a space for a family to go on a very peaceful holiday or for business purpose also.
The hull and the deck are made of steel. The hull colour is white making it look very nice and exquisite. There are total of 2 engines with the average horsepower of 867 made in the year 1983. One can find at least one VIP suite making it really nice when owned by some private person.
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