Lasik” the laser revolution

We are Laser Care Eye Center, your clinic specialized in the treatment of eye diseases, we have a large and distinguished group of specialists in ophthalmology, as well as having the latest technology in cataract surgery, called LASIK for its acronym (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis), this procedure has revolutionized the world of laser eye surgery, since it offers better results for the precision of the cuts in the sections of the cornea that have been affected by the cataract, with the use of this technique the cataract surgeon, has the ability to focus and pinpoint in a millimeter the area or area in which you want to remove the cataract.

The procedure for the patient is ambulatory and painless; a few drops of anesthesia are placed inside the eye, while the procedure is carried out. The patient’s cornea is lifted with the use of an automatic laser microsurgery device, and subsequently the laser excimer, which has already been programmed by the specialist begins to mold the tissue and finally the specialist places the cornea lid back in its place, softens it and the mass becomes attached to the eyeball without the need for suturing.

As it could be explained is a very simple procedure, fast, very little invasive; with which the recovery time is very short; You should only take certain precautions such as going home with another person to help you lie down when you get home, get some sleep, put a patch on your eye to avoid bumps, do not make sudden movements and follow the treatment of drops to healing and keeping the eye moist.

Finally, we invite you to take the opportunity to return to having a 20/20 vision advised by the experts in laser surgery of the latest technology. If you want the best for your eyes do not hesitate to call us!