Features of WhatsApp

Competing with other chat services installwasapplus – whatsapp update has become one of the top chat services that has been installed on a lot of phones and which has got a lot of users right from its inception.

Installwasapplus – whatsappupdate is one of the most preferred and popular communication mediums that have been in use by a lot of people irrespective of age groups and across countries.

Let us quickly check some of the features on installwasapplus – whatsappupdate that makes it really an amazing application to be downloaded.

• Voice to text

Conversion of voice over texting is one of the major features of WhatsApp which allows the user to just speak on the phone and the same thing would be converted to text.

This feature is available on the phones as well but the compatibility is what matters when you try using them on other applications.

• Sharing

There is a limitation on sharing of documents on some of the chat services but on WhatsApp there are no limitations. You could always go ahead and share any file type which includes large pictures, videos and also any forward messages as there are no restrictions on the on sharing on WhatsApp and this is one of the greatest feature of this application.

• Security

Status can be updated as you prefer and it can also be hidden by people who you do not want to see this gives you a security and also the encryption mode when turned on WhatsApp can also help you from keeping away from a lot of security issues.

• Seen tick mark

When you send a message to the other person there will be a blue tick mark against it if the person has read the message. This gives you a clear indication of if the person has seen it or not.