Discover Random Runner on your PC and play online

I am a fan of the Casinos, I love the slot machines and play on every machine I understand, and sometimes it was many hours that I spent away from home. If you are a player you will understand me. But since you cannot always go to a casino I was looking for you to play on my PC. Once I was exploring on the internet something that would amuse me without leaving home, imagine what my surprise was when I ran into “Random Runner “, which honestly was not my favorite game, but from that moment it has been a video game with the classic fruits of a slot machine and it is also set in a club which makes it more attractive. It is a retro style game with modernized features, and easy to understand.

It has three levels, and great opportunities to win by making combinations. As in the casinos, the goal is to match the same symbols side by side. There are three reels and three rows per game, which means you, have two games. By default when entering the game both are activated, but you can play only one if you wish. If you play both games logically your bet will double, but your bets must be separate.
All combinations give a prize. With the special symbols, you can earn 10,000 coins. Their presentations are in 3D, which makes the game come alive and is addictive. Best of all, it’s free and you can download it to your PC and play all the hours you want from the comfort of your home. As in all online games, you will have to create an account with username and password to log in. To register in Random Runner, start playing and experience how I did, you will not regret it. Random Runner is a video game that satisfies all the players of slot machines.